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The need to continuously launch new software is at the core of the transportation industry today. Air France-KLM recognized this need early as they began to scale their release processes and provide faster more reliable customer services. Passengers buying tickets, choosing their seats online, and pilots using web applications to access weather forecasts are just a few reasons why Air France-KLM began looking for a Continuous Delivery solution to automate their software deployments. As the largest European airline group, Air France-KLM was deploying around 200 Java EE application deployments per week, with a 70% rate of error or failure. The IT department needed a release model that would increase deployment frequencies and eliminate deployment errors by providing automation and visibility into the deployment process. “When I joined KLM, we were facing problems and... (more)

Eliminating Private Cloud Networking Barriers | @CloudExpo #Agile #Cloud #DataCenter

PlexxiPulse - Eliminating Private Cloud Networking Barriers By Mat Mathews Many IT organizations look to the private cloud to improve agility and simplify business operations. More and more are introducing converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions to support cloud initiatives and agile development practices. But there is too often a road block - legacy data center networks. Private clouds require a new multipurpose data center network to support diverse applications and workloads without sacrificing performance or service quality. Fully programmable and highly adaptable, the next-generation network easily integrates with service orchestration tools and DevOps systems to enable elastic services and self-serve IT. And it supports seamless workload mobility within and across data centers to ensure high availability for business-critical applications. Below... (more)

Digital - Design Thinking = Status Quo | @ThingsExpo #DigitalTransformation

Every time I call up any customer support and hear the familiar 'all our representatives are busy dealing with other customers,' that my call is very important to them and from the more technologically advanced ones that I am 'fourth in the queue and my approximate wait time is 23 minutes,' I wonder why can't they simply call me back when they are free? They already have my contact number. Some of them actually play some music while I wait - which is still better than those who actually take that opportunity to inform me about their new products. Have you realized that you might be flying an airline, staying in particular hotel chain or visiting a retailer for ages but unless you sign-up for their rewards / loyalty program you're actually invisible to them? I know there are customer privacy issues at play and a customer might be using different payment options ever... (more)

Why Contextual Data Locality Matters

Big Data is quickly overtaking SDN as a key phrase in today’s networking lingo. And overused already as it may be, it actually has a lot more meaning and definition compared to SDN. Big Data solutions are designed to work on lots of data as the name suggests. Of course they have been around forever, talk to any large bank, credit card company, airline or logistics company and all of them have had applications running on extremely large databases and data sets forever. But this is the new Big Data, the one inspired by Hadoop, MapReduce and friends. High performance compute clusters specifically created to analyze large amounts of data and reduce it to a form and quantity that human brains can use in decision making. What makes today’s Big Data solutions different than its more traditional large database based applications, beyond the sheer datasets being analyzed, i... (more)

Managed IT Enhances JetBlue Business Model

New York-based JetBlue Airways created an airline focused on value, service and style. They've proven to be a trailblazer in the U.S. airline industry. They're also a communication technology early-adopter. JetBlue introduced complimentary in-flight e-mail and instant messaging services on their aircraft -- a first among U.S. domestic airlines. However, their core competency is centered upon air travel. They out-task the rest to service providers, wherever possible. JetBlue signed a new, six-year strategic agreement with Verizon Business to manage the airline's information technology ( IT) data center and communications network needs, as well as provide security and IT consulting services. Built on an IP Network Foundation Verizon Business will design and manage the transition of JetBlue's existing systems to a new global IT network infrastructure. The newly built Int... (more)

Solving Enterprise Mobile Access Challenges

In a recent blog post, I talked about how geofencing could be used in an enterprise setting to ensure compliance with local regulations or restrict an application’s functionality when a user is away from the office. Geofencing is a great piece of functionality, especially when dealing with mobile enablement/BYOD scenarios but no one feature can make a solution. A true solution does more than just check boxes on a list of functional requirements. It addresses a real-world issue and provides the platform, the context – and yes, the features – necessary not just to solve a problem but also to give the enterprise additional value.  At Layer 7 Technologies, our customers count on us for solutions to their toughest challenges around security, identity, integration and governance of applications exposing data to partners, mobile devices, the cloud and the Web. That’s why I’... (more)

LA/Palmdale Regional Airport Opens to United Airlines Service to San Francisco and Points Beyond

PALMDALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/07/07 -- Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Palmdale Mayor Jim Ledford welcomed United Airlines' first passenger flight to LA/Palmdale Regional Airport (PMD). Today's history-making arrival and departure marks the first time that commercial jet service has operated out of PMD. Over 200 travel agents and local business leaders attended the inaugural event which showcased PMD's newly refurbished terminal, United's CRJ200 jet, and a presentation to Betty Moore of Lancaster, widow of the late Clifton Albert "Mr. Airport" Moore, a world-renown leader in civil aviation who served for 25 years as executive director of Los Angeles' vast four-airport system. "The opening of LA/Palmdale is a major step toward realizing our city's goal of a truly regional approach to meeting the growing demand for air travel in Southern California,... (more)

Katerina Moutsatsos, Kayikci and SOA World

After almost three months of traveling, I returned home today. When I flew around the island before I touched down, it was one of the most beautiful November days in the Caribbean. I had left home Labor Day weekend and traveled through Greece and Italy for most of October. It was one of the best seasons in Athens and Capri. Last Tuesday I was on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to New York. They must have bought new planes, still Airbus but with a personal entertainment system on every seat with huge plasma touch screens - beats JetBlue big time. This flight is almost 12 hours. For a 36-hour stay in Istanbul, you better try your best to rest before you land in JFK, otherwise the remainder of your day will be completely shot. After going through "Two and Half Man" and the rest of the TV sitcoms, all popular movies including Oceans 13, I continued playing aroun... (more)

Guy's Index of Absurdity: The Top Ten Ways to Tell If Things Are Really Bad

The experts are promulgating many esoteric ways to determine the financial condition of the economy. It's irrational to base one's mood on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). After all, (a) what does that have to do with the real world? And (b) it reflects the buying (and selling) decisions of the same investment bankers who got us into this mess. Instead, here are my ten+ ways--GIA (Guy's Index of Absurdity)--to tell if the economy is really bad: Venture capitalists attend board meetings via WebEx rather than Gulfstream. Twitter charges for its service. Jones Soda switches to text-only labels. Steve Jobs switches from New Balance to Crocs. The toilet seats at Google are no longer heated. Reservations are no longer necessary for the Apple Genius Bar. Buck's of Woodside changes its name to Quarter's. Mahalo changes its name to Aloha Oe. Pierre Omidyar starts selli... (more)

LynuxWorks and Avidyne Take Off

LynuxWorks has announced that Avidyne has selected LynxOS-178 as the embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) for Avidyne's next generation Entegra Release 9 Integrated Flight Deck. LynxOS-178 is a commercially available operating system and that enables manufacturers of DO-178B systems to get to market faster and with lower overall costs and risks associated with certifying FAA safety-critical flight systems. LynxOS-178 is a known certifiable RTOS package that allows avionics customers to achieve the highest degree of assurance and DO-178B certification to meet unique FAA requirements. Avidyne's Entegra Release 9 flight deck systems include dual, triple, or quad Integrated Flight Displays (IFD) for general aviation and light business aircraft. The fully integrated design of Entegra Release 9 makes it ideal for high-performance singles, piston twins, turboprops, ... (more)

British Airways Selects Progress Software SOA Solutions

Progress Software Corporation has announced that British Airways (BA) will use its portfolio of SOA solutions as a key part of its travel program to upgrade its IT systems. This will extend to the end of 2014 and will revolutionize travel by integrating over 600 different electronic systems and processes involved in getting BA passengers in the air. “With 300 locations around the globe, 25,000 users and more than 250 key applications, BA's goal is to transform the travel experience. The flexibility of the Progress SOA portfolio allows BA to extend the features of its e-commerce site right through to its airports, by allowing greater self-service functionality and 'plug and play' capability,” explained Gordon Penfold, CTO, BA. The result, according to Penfold, is to drive an agile business where rollout is easier, and cost and time are reduced. “The airport environme... (more)