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What do you do after you’ve experienced an incident and performed a post-mortem (or, postmortem)? That may seem like a simple question, or even a non-question; after all, it’s easy to think of the post-mortem as the last step in handling an incident. But it’s not. In many ways, what you do with an incident post-mortem can be as important as the post-mortem itself. Below, I explain why and offer tips on what to do after the post-mortem is complete. Why Post-Mortems? Before we take a closer look at that question, however, we need to look at an even more basic question: What is the function of a post-mortem, and what should it contain? An incident post-mortem serves the following basic functions: It provides a record of the incident, its cause and related symptoms, its resolution, and its impact for future reference. This can be important for both a future understandin... (more)

OnPage On the Road

Where in the world is OnPage? It feels like we’re part of the chorus in a Willy Nelson song these days since we’re On the road again so many times over the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately, we won’t have a funky VW bus to ferry us about. We’ve traded the bus in for airline tickets and hotel rooms. However, we are still very excited about the opportunity to travel around and showcase the OnPage product to the thousands we will meet over the upcoming weeks. In the next few weeks, you can find OnPage in our home of Boston (love that dirty water) and in Orlando.  In Boston, we are Gold Sponsors at DevOpsDays Boston. In Orlando, we are sponsoring the Gartner Symposium/ITXpo in October and IT Nation in November. Each show will be a great opportunity for OnPage to show how our product supports IT and MSP managers as well as responders and stake holders. Here’s what you can exp... (more)

Digital - Design Thinking = Status Quo | @ThingsExpo #DigitalTransformation

Every time I call up any customer support and hear the familiar 'all our representatives are busy dealing with other customers,' that my call is very important to them and from the more technologically advanced ones that I am 'fourth in the queue and my approximate wait time is 23 minutes,' I wonder why can't they simply call me back when they are free? They already have my contact number. Some of them actually play some music while I wait - which is still better than those who actually take that opportunity to inform me about their new products. Have you realized that you might be flying an airline, staying in particular hotel chain or visiting a retailer for ages but unless you sign-up for their rewards / loyalty program you're actually invisible to them? I know there are customer privacy issues at play and a customer might be using different payment options ever... (more)

Is a Private Cloud Worthwhile?

Much discussion in the cloud computing world has focused on a simple question: Is a private cloud infrastructure worthy of the name? It's been posed in many ways, with some going so far as claiming that there is no such thing as a private cloud. Although discussions like these are all too common in many areas, the question really amounts to little more than counting angels dancing on pin heads. The key issue is whether private cloud-style infrastructure can deliver real benefits like public clouds can. First, let's set out some definitions: The draft NIST definition, perhaps the best we have at this point, states that "Cloud computing is a pay-per-use model for enabling available, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, services) that can be rapidly provisioned and rel... (more)

Why Tiger Woods, Companies and Governors Can't Hide Anymore

Social CRM on Ulitzer I don’t know if Tiger Woods cheated on Elin with Rachel Uchitel, is a reckless operator, was having an argument, was in a hurry to get out of his house around 2 a.m. or just wanted a new SUV. And I really don’t care. What bugs me in what I thought was an era of growing transparency for all brands (companies, organizations, governments, people) is a still remarkably frequent hesitancy to come clean publicly. At the time of this writing, Tiger still hasn’t spoken with law enforcement authorities, choosing instead to post a statement on his Web site saying, “This is a private matter and I want to keep it that way.” When you’re a billion dollar brand, this course gets a little dicey. Tiger isn’t the first case of failing to come clean fast in 2009; we’ve seen this many times this year. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has denied doing anything w... (more)

Tweets Express Disappointment That iPad Can't Replace iPhone

Attensity Group has issued its analysis of public reaction in Twitter to the release of the Apple iPad. This analysis follows Attensity's previous report on sentiment around the iPad after its official launch announcement in late January. Over the weekend of April 3-4, Attensity evaluated the sentiment of 50,000 discussion-oriented messages, or "tweets," on the iPad using Attensity Analyze for VOC, part of Attensity's semantic analysis application suite. Seventy-three percent of the tweets expressed positive sentiment toward the iPad. The features that apparently make people happiest are the iPad's screen quality, keyboard and, especially, its varied applications. Oddly, 26 percent of tweets indicated hope that the iPad could potentially replace the iPhone. Conversely, the biggest disappointment with the iPad is that it is not an iPhone replacement device (26 percent)... (more)

Enterprise and Consumer Mobility and Travel Strategies

I teach a lot of SMAC strategies workshops (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) around the world.  Conducting these involves a lot of travel.  I have been pondering these last few days just how much my travel experience has changed over the past decade.  Today, mobile smartphones can provide the following: Push to buy the Heathrow Express train ticket from an app on my iPhone Translate foreign languages live on screen Get real-time transportation advice Locate myself anywhere in the world on a map Use my iPhone compass app to know where North is located Use my smartphone screen as a boarding pass Find a Thai restaurant and read the social reviews  Book my dinner reservation Help find a last-minute hotel room or book a Marriott property Book, change or review my airline reservation (change my seats to be as comfortable as possible) Help me understand how long it wil... (more)

SMAC, Code Halos and the Good, Bad and Ugly of Tracking Data

As a SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) Analyst, I spend my days researching, writing and presenting ideas to companies and audiences.  One of the most important subjects these days is how to develop and implement the best possible information logistics systems.  That means utilizing and processing collected data in the most advantageous and efficient manner possible to further the ambitions of the business.  That goal is perfectly understandable for a business - collecting business data and transactional data is expected, but when it is your personal data (Code Halos) that is being collected we often feel differently.  For example, I love having my TripIt, Marriott and Delta mobile apps know about me, my preferences and my past, present and future travels, but I don't want that information shared with other vendors (or home burglars) without my permission. ... (more)

Cheapflights.ca Says Farewell to 2012 and Hello to 2013

TORONTO -- (Marketwire) -- 12/31/12 -- As Canadians and the world prepare to say good bye to 2012 and ring in 2013, the travel experts at Cheapflights.ca, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, are releasing their annual Top 6 Travel Trend Predictions for 2013. While uncertainty was the buzzword entering 2012, this upcoming year is about creativity and thinking outside the box when it comes to travel. And given that 2012 was an eventful year, and a difficult one at times, the team decided you deserve a bonus and, instead of the regular five travel trends, released six predictions about how Canadians plan to travel in the new year. Below is a brief glimpse into each of Cheapflights.ca's Top 6 Travel Trend Predictions for 2013: 1. The 'Parental Piggyback' holiday -- join forces and save - With cash tight and no end in sight, most people are still go... (more)

Andreessen on Charlie Rose: “I Am Creating A Fund.” (Full Video)

Marc Andreessen appeared on Charlie Rose last night. (The entire interview is embedded above). He gave Rose a primer on everything from Facebook and cloud computing to the mobile Web. But he also tells Rose: “I’m creating a fund.” Actually, Andreessen is creating it with his investing partner Ben Horowitz, and it will formalize the angel investing he has been doing on his own for the past several years. It will be called Andreessen Horowitz. From the transcript: Charlie Rose: Why are you doing this? Marc Andreessen: Because of the nature and the scale of the opportunities. We’re actually been investing ourselves with our own money for three years and we’ve invested in 36 — he and I invested together in 36 deals in three years so about one a month. Charlie Rose: Yeah, but I’ve read that you think that the normal investment for you to make, this may have been prefun... (more)

Maximizing Rewards

Last night I spent a couple of hours going over our personal finances which included me spending some time on the American Express customer portal.  Amex does a good job of letting you on their portal where you could be buying to maximize your membership rewards points.  They will often tell you things like “Buy at FTD.com and earn double points” (I don’t know if FTD.com is actually a partner, I’m just using this as an example).  The airlines do this as well, letting you earn points if you purchase online from certain vendors. I think its great that Amex, the airlines, and whomever else,  is giving me the chance to earn additional rewards points, but when I am going to purchase something online, I never check americanexpress.com and AA.com before buying whatever it is I am planning on buying.  So I have no idea where I should be buying to get these extra points.  M... (more)